Acceptance of Manuscript:

Manuscripts for publication in this journal will be scrutinized by two reviewers and accepted manuscripts will be immediately processed for publication. Proofs may not be sent to author(s). Author(s) are therefore advised to prepare the manuscript with utmost care. Author(s) are advised to kindly ensure that sent manuscript should not be published earlier in any other journal.

1.Only prescribed format papers will be accepted.

2. Authors should make changes in their papers according to the reviewers comments.

3. Copyright form must be submitted by the first author.

Information to Contributors :

General information: This International Peer-Reviewed journal will publish paper of high quality, original theoretical , experimental and technical contributions which may be in the form review articles, full length research papers, short communications ,hypothesis, news, views and book reviews.

Manuscript Preparation:

Paper Layout: Your paper must use a page size corresponding to A4 which is 210mm (8.27) wide and 297mm(11.69) long.


The margins must be set as follows:
Top=19mm (0.75)
Bottom=19mm (0.75)
Left=Right=19mm (0.75)

Document Body:

The entire document should be in Times New Roman or Times font,12pt, at line space[1.5].Other font types may be used if needed of special purposes.

Title and Author Details:

1. Title must be in 16pt Regular font.
2. Author name must be in 10pt Regular font.
3. Author affiliation must be in 10pt Italic.
4. Email Address must be in 9pt courier Regular font.
5. All title and Author Details must be in sigle-column format and must be cantered.
6. Email Address is compulsory for all Author.


1. No more than 3 levels of headings should be used.
2. All headings must be in 10pt Regular font.
3. Every word in a heading must be capitalized except for short minor words as listed section III-B.
4. The Heading of the References section must not be numbered. All references item must be in 8pt font.
5. The Heading of the Acknowledgement section and the References Section must not be numbered.

Figures and Tables:

1. Figures and Tables must be in centered in the table.
2. Large figures and tables may span across both columns.
3. Figures must be numbered using Arabic Numerals.
4. Figure captions must be in 8pt Regular font.
5. Table must be numbered using uppercase Roman numerals.
6. Table captions must be centered and in 8pt Regular font with small caps.

Reference Format Journals

1.Author name, Title of the paper, publication, volume, issue, page-no-year.


1. William R .Harvey, Sodium-independent active transport of potassium in the isolated mudget of the Cecropia Silkworm. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A 51, 731-735 (1964).
2. William R. Harvey Signe Nedergaard, Sodium-independent active transport of potassium in the isolated midgut of the cecropia Silkworm. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A 51, 731-735 (1964).


Author name, Title of the book (Edition ,Year)
1. M . Lister, fundamentals of operating systems(Springer-verlag, New yark,ed. 3, 1984),pp.7-11[third edition].
2. J. B. Carroll , Ed., Language, Thought and Reality selecting writings of Benjamin Lee whrof (MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1956).